Roms For Mame

Written by Adam Blau
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Once you've downloaded video game ROMs for the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) on your home computer, you will likely want to know how best to get it set up for game-play. ROMs are not like traditional self-executing ".exe" files. If you double-click on the downloaded ROM, you will not automatically be playing the game.

ROMs and File Structure

In most cases, the legal ROM that you download will be in the form of a "zip" file. Most of the time, when a zip file is downloaded from the Web, the temptation is to immediately extract its contents. Please note that for the most part, you should not unzip the ROM file before using it; instead, you should leave it in its zipped form.

To use the game properly (in the case of conventional MAME software), you should place the entire zip folder in the "ROMs" folder. The ROMs folder is likely located within your MAME folder. At this point, you should be able to locate and load the game from within the MAME interface. If you are already running MAME when you place the new ROM in the folder, you may need to restart the MAME program before the ROM becomes usable.

Most ROMs emulate the exact coding of arcade games. Because of this, you will need to enter "credits" for yourself, as you would input quarters into the actual machine. MAME convention has it that entering a "5" will give you a credit, and "1" and "2" respectively enable a one- and two-player game (though, depending on the individual ROM, these conventions may differ slightly).

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