Strategy Video Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Strategy video games bring tactical battle planning into your living room, and all that comes with it. These games are notorious for becoming addictive, with gamers constantly honing their craft and planning ever more ruthless lines of attack. Strategy video games allow every gamer the chance to be an armchair general.

Massive campaigns can define a strategy game, or the playing field can be as small as a tiny garden. Pikmin 2 is a great example of a phenomenal strategy game that features no blood-and-guts, but dozens of hours of maddeningly fun gameplay. Who knew a tactical game could also be so cute?

Strategy Video Games Go Online

One of the great recent advances in console games has been the slow but steady migration to online gaming. No longer the domain of just PCs, online gaming is being revolutionized by killer apps like X Box Live and the Play Station 2 modem, both of which allow gamers to take the war to the web. Compete against players of similar talent from all around the globe, and make new friends, too.

Rent video games online to give them a test run, making sure that you get exactly what you're looking for. Whether you want to control legions of trolls or a platoons of hobbits, there are strategy video games for every taste, age and skill level. Rent a few and keep them long enough to find out what style best suits your interests and strengths.

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