Video Game Libraries

Written by Adam Blau
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Those people combing the Web for downloadable ROMs of their favorite video games can rest easy. There have sprung up, in recent times, websites that serve as video game libraries. A user can go to these sites and find vast catalogs of video game titles for downloading and playing.

Advantages of Video Game Libraries

Video game libraries serve as more than a mere central source for downloads. In the best cases, the libraries will also serve as a legal mediator between the video game companies and the users. The libraries will have negotiated the proper licensing fees for the video games, and will ensure that the developers of the game will receive the proper royalties that they are due.

These legitimate video game libraries will also ensure that you get your ROMs from a safe source. It is a tragically true tale that pirate sites and illegal game downloads are fraught with spyware and viruses. By using a trusted, authenticated video game library, you can ensure that you are getting the ROM, the whole ROM, and nothing but the ROM.

Pirated video games may seem free initially, but when you factor in the cost of the horrific computer virus you may incur (not to mention the potential identity theft or worse), it is worth it to pay a legitimate video game library a negligible licensing fee for a game. Furthermore, by paying the licensing fee (which is often under a dollar), you can encourage the developers of the games to produce more of them. Video game libraries are a boon both to the game player and to the game developer.

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