Video Game Rentals - Xbox, Ps2 And Nintendo

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Video game rentals are a great way to play all your favorite games without wasting a fortune on titles that offer little lasting value to your library. Being able to rent all your favorite games from your computer gives you more time to devote to the actual playing of the games. And video game rentals are priced low enough that you can experiment with games you might otherwise avoid.

Gamers have been able to rent games for years, provided that titles were at their local video stores. But sparse selection, untrained employees, steep prices and late fees have alienated many gamers from patronizing these corporate giants. There was no ideal way to rent video games until savvy internet entrepreneurs came up with one.

Video Game Rentals Made Simple

Many gamers are familiar with the Netflix model of DVD rentals, based on the tenets of the industry leader in online movie rentals. Clients create queues filled with their favorite movies, which are then mailed to their homes as soon as they are available. It was only a matter of time before someone applied the same basic principles to video game rentals as well.

With the best online game rentals, you pay a flat fee to be able to rent an unlimited number of games per month. This fee is usually based on how many games you wish to have in your possession at one time, with higher fees charged for more games. A tier system ensures that there are video game rental choices for nearly every gaming budget.

When done with a game, you only need to place it in the mail back to the rental company. This triggers the next game in your queue to be mailed to you, so there is little lag time between games. If every copy of the game at the top of your list is checked out, your second choice is mailed to you.

Video Game Rentals without Hidden Fees

Perhaps the most welcome aspect of this model of video game rentals is the absence of due dates. Since there are no due dates, there are no late fees, which means no hidden charges. Since one fee covers unlimited game rentals, it is easy to predict your gaming budget.

You can also rent a whole host of legacy games by taking advantage of online video game rentals. These are games that were designed for systems that are technically outdated, but still offer unique and compelling gameplay. Select sites offer games from such classic consoles as the NES, SNS, Genesis and Dreamcast.

Choosing a customer-oriented site for video game rentals means access to the widest supply of games for every console. The ability to rent games for less should encourage you to dabble in genres outside your comfort zone, and find new modes of gaming that appeal to you. Always remember to play before you purchase, making sure your permanent library is stocked with nothing but your favorite games.

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