X Box Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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X Box games are at the heart of what makes the X Box the greatest gaming platform ever designed. The technical specs may rightly wow even the most jaded gamer, but it's the library that makes the console the most sought after by hardcore gamers. Through deals with Rare and Bungie, Microsoft has ensured that X Box games will continue to define gaming as we know it today.

A single game can define a console and revolutionize an industry-think of Mario and Nintendo. There is clearly no game more closely associated with the runaway success of the X Box than Halo. The exploits of the Master Chief against the Covenant have given millions of gamers blisters, and as highly anticipated sequels come out, promise to give even more.

Get the Best X Box Games

The rock star status of Halo makes many gamers forget the depth and breadth of the library of titles for everyone's favorite black-and-green machine. Strategy and simulation video games abound for the console, as do plenty of platform games with cute protagonists that everyone--including girlfriends--will enjoy playing. Reviews by other gamers are a great resource when selecting a game, and the Web abounds with sites offering these helpful guides.

Game rentals provide an ideal way to sample the wide array of games available before making a big investment in an unknown quantity. Renting multiple games at once helps keep the peace around the console, making sure everyone gets to play what they like. If you take advantage of the variety of terrific X Box games available, you're sure to find a hidden gem that you might otherwise have overlooked.

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