Xbox Accessories

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Xbox accessories expand the capabilities of the console far beyond what it can do straight out of the box. Even the most sophisticated gaming device ever created can use a little help from its friends, if it wants to maximize its incredible potential. The variety of Xbox accessories available means that there is no limit to the Xbox upgrades that are available to gamers.

Special controllers let you pick the right tool for the job, offering better button layouts and the ability to store combos for when you need them. The DVD playback kit turns the Xbox into a home theater, meaning no unplugging your console when you want to watch a flick. And as every gamer knows, the ability to go online and compete with old friends and total strangers in some of your favorite games has literally revolutionized the platform gaming experience.

Choose the Best Xbox Accessories

There also exists a whole range of gaming accessories that upgrade the Xbox in ways you might never have dreamed possible. Mod chips allow you to play games from all over the world, so that region coding does not prevent you from playing the hottest titles on the market. They also allow you to make backup copies of all your games, so that a tiny scratch doesn't turn your copy of Halo 2 into a $50 coaster.

Xbox hard drives allow you to add massive amounts of storage capacity to your console, dwarfing the drive that it came out of the box with. The ability to store full copies of your games, as well as music and movies, directly onto the hard drive takes the Xbox to a whole new level. Take some time, look around, and find the Xbox accessories that you need to take your gaming to the next level as well.

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