Xbox Hard Drives

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Xbox hard drives at last fulfill the unrealized potential of the revolutionary gaming console. Gamers rejoiced at the first announcement that the system would come with a hard drive, only to have their hopes dashed when they realized the limitations of the drive packed into the system. Today, Xbox hard drives make good on the promise, unlocking the power of your hardware.

No longer must you be limited by the needlessly small memory allotment of the Xbox. There is never the need to pick and choose what gets stored on your machine, and what you swap in when necessary. With a new hard drive, you won't just save your progress in games, you'll be able to save the entire game itself: a full backup of all your games!

Xbox Hard Drives: Size Matters

The immense hard drives that are now available for the Xbox dwarf the original one by factors of 10 and more. With a 120 gigabyte hard drive for your system, you can literally store backups of your entire game library directly in the machine's memory, eliminating the need to swap disks. Plus, there's still tons of room to store your CDs, DVDs, and mp3 files. Imagine all your media stored in one place.

There are plenty of Xbox hard drives to choose from, so you'll definitely want to do a little homework about Xbox accessories. Mod chips like the Xenium Ice are key to unlocking the power of your console, so keep your eye out for good package deals, which might get you a great bargain. The Internet is a particularly fruitful place to look for discounts and deals. The best hard drives will transform your Xbox from a simple game player to an incredibly powerful multimedia device that will change the way you experience home entertainment.

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