Xenium Ice

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Xenium Ice, the groundbreaking mod chip, is the fruit of years of labor by software and hardware manufacturers devoted to increasing the quality and value of your gaming experience. Recent technological innovations have resulted in faster, better chips, and no single chip embodies these leaps in evolution like Xenium Ice. It is fast becoming known as one of the most widely acclaimed Xbox upgrades available today.

This pioneering chip comes bundled with other accessories that enable the maximization of your software and hardware. Each chip is pre-flashed with OS2, which means you get the newest Xenium Operating System already installed. The ability to use a simple software controlled user interface rather than rely on an endless string of expensive hardware add-ons is like the difference between eating soup with a spoon rather than a fork. You won't believe you ever did it another way/

Xenium Ice: So Nice

It is hard to think of another chip that overdelivers on performance and ease of use. These mod chips offer multiple installation methods to best suit your individual needs and skill sets. Choose to quick-solder, use the pin header, or install with wire; better yet, shop for a custom Xbox with this revolutionary chip already installed.

We've all seen once cutting edge technology become frustratingly obsolete. The Xenium Ice mod chip combines way ahead of its time killer apps with amazing scalability -- and room for unlimited future add-ons. The next Ice Age has arrived early, putting other chips in danger of extinction.

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