Written by Adam Blau
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In recent years, the use of Unix-based platforms like Linux and SunOS has proliferated among computer users. More and more people are using these operating systems as their default instead of the Macintosh OS or Microsoft's Windows. As a result of this, an increasing amount of software is being made available to users of these Unix-based platforms.

Gaming fans who are users of Linux and similar platforms will likely be thrilled to know that Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) software exists for their operating systems. The name of the emulation program for Unix users is XMAME (as opposed to MacMAME for Macintosh and MAME32 for Windows). Just like the MAME software for other operating systems, the emulation software for Unix systems is a free download.

The code for the XMAME emulator is based upon that of the other MAME emulators, but it is tailored to successfully compile under Unix systems. The creators of XMAME carefully monitor each release of MAME and, if necessary, fine-tune the code so that it operates successfully in Linux and other Unix-based platforms. That is why the XMAME release notes closely parallel the MAME release notes.

Game ROMs on XMAME

As for the most intriguing part of XMAME--the game ROMs--they function the same as they do under other MAME emulator systems. The individual game ROMs are identical for each operating system. Just as MP3s can be read by different operating systems, so can video game ROMs be successfully read by MAMEs on different platforms.

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