Block Party Game

Written by Norene Anderson
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Try Something Different in Your Neighborhood

When was the last block party game you played? Do you really know your neighbors? If you are wondering just who lives around the corner, why not find out in a fun, relaxed setting? Plan a block party with a water game theme. You can do everything from the old-fashioned bobbing for apples to a down-and-out water balloon fight.

Getting acquainted with your neighbors at a relaxed party is the best way to start long-lasting friendships. And what better way is there than to provide a party that entire families can participate in. There are water games for children, teens, and adults. You can make it a great family time for the entire neighborhood. Don't just settle for a backyard barbecue when you can share the fun of a block party game.

Do an Original Block Party Game

One of the most popular party games for summer-time fun is the alternative to the dunking booth. It is quick and easy to set up and uses very little water compared to the booth that requires hundreds of gallons of water and is bulky to set up. The alternate system places the balloon suspended above the intended recipient and when the target is hit, the balloon drops its content and drenches the guest of honor.

When you get ready to plan the big event, use the resources available on the Internet to do all your homework for you. You can find great ideas and the best deals available with the click of the mouse in the comfort of your home. Make your plans and let the party begin.

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