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Written by Norene Anderson
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Summertime Is Funtime

There is not a camp game that creates more excitement and squeals than one that involves water. It is always a thrill for children of all ages to be the one to hit the target and see the intended victim drenched with water or dumped into the dunking booth. One of the greatest inventions to come out in recent years is the alternative to the dunking booth.

With the arrival of the Pitchburst, there is no fear of injury from being dropped into a dunking booth, but you get the same result. The system is designed so that the intended recipient is seated underneath a suspended water balloon. When the target is hit, it causes the rupture of the balloon dumping its content on the head of the recipient.

Dare to Use This Camp Game

There are many ways to add variety to this game. You can blindfold the one tossing at the target. You can also choose a filler for the balloons other than water. Some possible ideas would be to use confetti, slime, flour, or applesauce! Your campers will certainly have a story to write home about when you give them the fun that is possible with this system.

The Internet is full of many more ideas of fun variations to this favorite camp game. You are limited only by your imagination and willingness to step out of the box and be different. Plan your camp with games that will make the event a memorable one for every participant. Don't leave anyone out of the fun. With the options available, you can be sure everyone will be involved.

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