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    Seaweed Wraps

    Seaweed wraps are fabulous spa treatments. Many seaweed wraps begin with a thorough yet gentle body scrubbing. The body is then wrapped in nourishing, revitalizing seaweed. Seaweed wraps and masks suck toxins out of the pores of the skin, while imparting rich minerals and incredible softness. Your skin will feel tingly, refreshed, and very soft.

    Seaweed Wraps and Other Luxury Treatments

    The seaweed wrap has become a staple of spa treatments during the last decade. Another treatment that has gained a great deal of popularity is the hot stone massage. Hot stone massage is a type of thermo-therapy. In it, marble stones and basalt river stones are heated, cooled slightly, then placed on key spots on the body.

    Stiff muscles are deeply relaxed and loosened by the penetrating heat. The stones are then used to massage the muscles of the back. When done well, hot stone massage can impart an almost otherworldly feeling of calm, peace, and pleasure. This is not a treatment to be missed!

    Of course, facials are always great spa treatments. One of the reasons many women go to the spa in the first place is, simply put, vanity. Yes, they want to feel good, but it's even more important to them to look great. Deep tissue massage will help firm the skin, giving it a healthy glow. A facial will take this glow to a whole new level, leaving skin firmer, more elastic, and softer to the touch.