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    New Jersey Botox Injection

    In New Jersey botox injection procedures are done for many purposes. In the past, just the mention of the botox bacteria brought shivers as images of being very ill came to mind. Today, it is one of the amazing methods that has been developed to take something bad and turn it into something that has many positive medical uses.

    The botox that is used medically is purified and is a byproduct of medically grown bacteria. It is safe to use and is very popular for cosmetic purposes to remedy the undesired creases between the eyebrows. It is also used on "crows feet" around the lips or lower eyelids. The procedure of botox injections is done safely in the office of a qualified physician or surgeon.

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    Botox can take effect within a few hours to a few days after the injection. The results are not permanent and may require another injection anywhere from three months to as long as eight months or more. It acts by basically paralyzing the targeted muscle. A common New Jersey botox injection site is around the eyes to treat a condition known as blepharospasms. This is a condition that causes the eyelids to close in spasms uncontrollably, sometimes affecting vision.

    Other treatments of New Jersey botox injection include a condition of dystonia in various parts of the body in addition to the eye. This can involve contraction of muscles on the face, neck, or even the respiratory system. The options are available to treat many conditions that can benefit from actually destroying the ability of the muscle to contract. A qualified healthcare provider can answer your questions about botox and its benefit for you.