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    Natural Cures For Yeast Infections

    Just as your body keeps a healthy population of bacteria in it at all times, there are also yeast organisms in your body at all times. A yeast infection is not a true pathogenic infection, but is usually the native yeast population growing too large and making you sick. Yeast infections are topical, and usually occur in the mouth or in women's vaginas. Babies can get yeast infections on their skin as complications of diaper rash.

    The yeast that causes yeast infections is called Candida albicans, and doctors may refer to infections as "candidiasis." Many times, yeast infections can be caused when the body's natural bacteria are killed off, and the yeast populations expand to fill their niche. Many natural treatments are aimed at re-establishing this balance, which is the surest way to clear up a yeast infection. Naturally, one's diet is an important consideration as well.

    Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

    The most common and effective natural cure for a yeast infection is yogurt. The bacteria cultures in the yogurt help replenish the depleted bacteria in your body, and restore a balance to your body's "flora." Yogurt can be eaten, or even applied directly to infected sites. If you are applying yogurt directly to your infection, be sure to use unflavored yogurt. The sugars in flavored yogurt will encourage the yeast even more, and defeat the purpose of applying the treatment.

    Another option is to use tea tree oil. This solution is a strong antiseptic and astringent, and is often used to fight acne. It will kill off yeast, and thus beat the population back to its natural size. Be careful with tea tree oil, though, as it may dry out your skin. Some people have reactions to tea tree oil, so test a dab on your skin before making a full application.