Alternative Treatment For Panic Attacks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Individuals suffering from panic attacks and other anxiety disorders often look for an alternative treatment for such problems. These people experience emotional and physical apprehension and fear, sometimes without cause. Such experiences are very troublesome, and can cause symptoms like heart palpitations, sweating, and temporary feelings of agitation.

One Alternative Treatment for Panic Attacks

Conventional medicine treats these symptoms with drugs. However, some people experience side effects and don't like the feeling of putting something potentially harmful into their bodies. So they search for an alternative treatment for panic attacks, such as homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies like arsenicum album, ignatia amara, and pulsatilla are often effective at relieving the symptoms of repeated panic attacks. Before using any of these medicines to heal you, however, you should check with your doctor or homeopathic practitioner to be sure that what you are really experiencing is a panic attack. Treatments like over the counter medications or prescriptions may be beneficial instead.

Other alternative treatment for panic attacks includes using nutritional supplements, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, and cranial sacral therapy. A diet of unrefined foods and raw foods has also shown to help with panic attacks. Holistic medicine is best for chronic, ongoing symptoms, rather than emergencies.

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