Anxiety Reduction

Written by James Lyons
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Do you suffer from anxiety? I think most people (if not all people) experience anxiety. If you have children, I guarantee you experience anxiety. Many of us have allowed our anxiety to run our lives, preventing us from living lives we love and doing the things we enjoy. Anxiety saps the body's energy and often triggers the most destructive elements of the brain like those associated with addiction.

Those people who consistently experience high levels of anxiety and do nothing to address it are more likely to smoke, abuse drugs, and have heart attacks. They are also more likely to be overweight. Food is currently the most popular form of relief people turn to when they experience anxiety.

Proper Breathing Kills Anxiety

The most effective way to address anxiety and reduce its presence in your life is--breathing. That's right. You might be saying, "I already breathe, genius. How could I be reading this if I didn't know how to breathe?" That's an excellent point. Breathing at full capacity is the best way to combat anxiety. Most people utilize less than 20 percent of their breathing capacity. Imagine what you could do if you used all 100 percent.

Breathing is one of the few bodily functions that we do both voluntarily and involuntarily. Breathing, when done consciously, can help the body reach a state of equilibrium and relaxation. It is the central component of most forms of meditation and meditation is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. Imagine if you were able to breathe properly and meditate properly!

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