Arthritis Pain Relief

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When people talk about arthritis, they are actually talking about four different diseases, even though they all manifest as a persistent aching in the joints. Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis are autoimmune disorders--your immune system actually starts to attack your own joints. Septic arthritis is when you get any kind of infection in a joint. Osteoarthritis is simply pain from the degeneration of your bones and joints as you age.

Relief from Arthritis

No matter the cause, the biggest symptom of arthritis is pain. This pain is concentrated in the joints, and feels the worst in the morning or when you start moving. The pain generally subsides once you've been moving for a while, but is still undeniably unpleasant. Many people with arthritis report that the pain gets worse when the weather worsens. This is because barometric pressure is lower when the weather is rainy, and this allows for slightly more swelling in the joint.

Most doctors will prescribe painkillers for people with arthritis. In addition, there are many over-the-counter creams that soothe arthritis pain. The problem with these painkillers is that your body gradually builds up a tolerance to the drugs, and you need to continually up the dosage. Addiction can also be an issue with stronger prescription painkillers.

There are many herbal remedies for arthritis. Among these are willow, birch, juniper, celery seed, and devil's claw teas. In addition, oils of rosemary or devil's claw will soothe pain from arthritis. Many people prefer to use these herbal remedies before resorting to stronger pharmaceuticals. Some supplements are actually formulated to help prevent the myriad forms of arthitis by promoting healthy joints.

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