Beta 1 3 Glucan Vitamins

Written by Michael Federico
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Beta 1 3 glucan vitamins continue to wallow in obscurity, while other, less potent immune enhancers gain popularity. Extracted from the cell walls of baker's yeast, beta 1 3 glucan vitamins are all natural. Now, some manufacturers will combine the substance with other materials. This can dilute the purity and the effectiveness of the extract.

Most people who take supplements of any kind follow a very strict regiment. They take vitamin B 12 on Monday, vitamin C on Tuesday, and so on. They are afraid to alter that pattern in any way. Because of this, a lot of people have missed out on products, such as beta 1 3 glucan vitamins, that can greatly benefit the immune system.

The Effects of Beta Glucan 1 3 Vitamins

When taken on a consistent basis, beta 1 3 glucan vitamins can intensify immune cell activity. The body will be better prepared to fight infection, and harmful organisms will have a much more difficult time taking hold. Many people who take the supplement experience an increase in energy, as well. This has brought beta 1 3 glucan vitamins to the attention of athletes. The immune boosters can help them stay healthy while training, and they can even lead to stronger cardiovascular health.

Beta 1 3 glucan vitamins will probably never overtake the traditional multi-vitamin in sales. However, nutritionists and health companies are doing what they can to inform the public of the many benefits these supplements provide. Information on these vitamins and other related products can be found on a number of websites.

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