Beta Glucan

Written by Michael Federico
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Beta glucan, an external immunomodulator, is an all-natural food source-derived dietary supplement. As an immune potentiator, beta glucan directly affects the macrophages (white blood cells) by allowing more of them to attack one invading organism. This shift in the system improves all subsequent immune cell responses.

Taking a beta glucan supplement on a regular basis raises the overall preparation level of the immune system. It is ready to react faster and more definitively when threatened by infection. Also, the supplement can increase energy and muscle endurance. While there are other products that are specifically designed for athletes, beta glucan can increase fitness level.

Beta Glucan Skin and Hair Care Products

Beta glucan and Beta 1, 3-D can be found in a number of specialty skin and hair care products. Those who produce these items came to realize that healthy skin is essential to the immune system's strength. It is, after all, the organ that comes into first contact with antigens. It takes information that it gathers and passes it on to t-cells. This process begins the body's immune response. If the skin is unhealthy or unprotected, that process can break down.

These products can generally be found alongside beta glucan supplements. There are some beauty stores that carry them. However, they are more likely to be found in a nutrition outlet or on the Internet.

Beta Glucan Studies

The nutrition industry has flown a bit under the radar when it comes to product testing. It lacks the oversight that is present in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Because of this, manufacturers have been able to get away with marketing substandard products.

There are companies that have brought in outside parties to evaluate their products. Those doing the testing are generally affiliated with universities or health and nutrition facilities. The results of independent tests performed on several beta glucan supplements have been extremely positive. It, along with whole glucan particulate, has been found to be an extremely potent immune system booster.

Ordering Beta Glucan Supplements on the Web

Like almost everything these days, beta glucan supplements can be found on the Internet. Websites that carry them are generally dedicated to providing high quality, all-natural goods. The site should have test results and market comparisons available. This will give potential customers the chance to see the differences in supplements, but it will also allow them to see that different companies offer very different versions of the same product. For instance, one manufacturer's beta glucan supplement may actually contain a very low level of beta glucan, while another's may contain nothing but the substance. These differences alter an extract's function and strength.

Some online vendors will also give visitors an opportunity to ask questions and communicate directly with a staff member. They should provide detailed descriptions of every item they sell. Most will also have a number of items that are not easily found in regular retail outlets.

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