Beta Glucan Lotions

Written by Michael Federico
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Beta glucan lotions have worked as external immunomodulators for over 20 years. While they function as regular hand creams, face cleansers, and sunscreens, they add an element of protection to the body that does not exist in standard moisturizers. Beta glucan lotions aid the body's immune system in a similar way to vitamin supplements.

The skin is the body's largest organ. When all is said and done, a person has approximately two square meters of skin. Also, five percent of Langerhans cells are located beneath the skin. The skin is responsible for taking information that it gleans from coming into contact with antigens and relaying it to t-cells, so they can respond appropriately. The application of beta glucan lotions can fortify the immune system's first line of defense, and can cause cells to function more efficiently.

Buying Beta Glucan Lotions and Other Skin Care Products

Beta glucan lotions and exfoliates can be found on a number of websites. These products often contain other ingredients such as grapefruit seed extract, rose, and chamomile. These added elements can make beta glucan lotions more appealing as beauty products.

Different companies sell different variations of the same product. Some are seen as more "watered down" than others. Also, extra ingredients can widely differ. Websites will, of course, claim that their products are the best. That is why it is always a good idea to visit a site that gives objective comparisons of beta glucan lotions.

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