Better Sleep

Written by James Lyons
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Who doesn't want better sleep? In the past, my own snoring would wake me up in the middle of the night. Other times, large amounts of tension would settle in my shoulders in the middle of the night causing me to wake up sore and stiff. This tension in my shoulders usually occurred after especially stressful days. A lack of quality sleep affects every facet of your life.

According to some estimates, over 40 million Americans are affected by some form of chronic sleep disorder or some other sleep-related problem. Sleep is a crucial piece of your overall health and fitness considering you will spend approximately a third of your life in that state. In addition, most of the body's healing processes occur during sleep. People who have trouble sleeping are more likely to get sick and experience other health-related issues.

The Impact of Bad Sleep

To give you an idea of how sleep deprivation affects our national economy, some experts believe that sleep deprivation and other sleep-related health problems cost the economy in excess of $100 billion annually when you factor in medical expenses, lost productivity, property damage, environmental damage, and sick leave. That number is disturbing. How many times have you become ill and had to miss work? Did a lack of good sleep help generate the illness?

Proper breathing is an essential component of good sleep. Breathing exercises right before you go to bed will also help you melt away the days stress and prepare the body for a relaxing slumber. Proper breathing during exercise and during normal daily activities will also help you train your body to breathe appropriately when you sleep.

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