Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Over a quarter of a million women have used Bloussant. It is a natural, herbal supplement which, taken orally, can enlarge and firm the breasts within weeks to months. Women who take these gel caps can gain anywhere from half a cup size to two full cup sizes.

In addition to enlarging and firming the breasts, Bloussant has some very pleasant side effects. Many women who take Bloussant find that it lessens their premenstrual symptoms. It can also ease menopausal symptoms. Bloussant also helps some women with their water weight gain during menstruation. This pill should not be taken by nursing or pregnant women, but is otherwise entirely safe. Unfortunately, Bloussant is no longer on the market. However, there a few products available that similarly help to nurture and support the breast.

An Alternative to Surgery

One of the best things about these products is that they are a viable alternative to breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is both expensive and risky. While it's certainly not one of the riskiest surgeries out there, all surgeries have their dangers--especially since the patient will have to be put under a general anesthetic. Anytime general anesthesia is required, the potential risks of surgery increase.

The secret to success is consistency. Too many women start skipping doses when they don't see immediate results. Although many women notice an encouraging tingling sensation after just a couple of weeks of use, many women have to wait for weeks or months before experiencing results. Most women do experience very noticeable results, however, so it's important to stick with it very consistently once you have decided to take breast supplements.

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