Breath Builder

Written by James Lyons
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Breath is the key for any vocalist or wind instrumentalist. Breath is also the key for athletes and martial artists. In fact, breath is the key for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life. There's a device on the market called the "Breath Builder" that is an isometric exerciser for the diaphragm muscles and the lungs.

If you're a singer, public speaker, martial artist, athlete, or wind instrumentalist, you might want to look into this. These devices help train people to move their breath in and out in large quantities without any restrictive tension. Tension kills breath. The Breath Builder is designed to help the aforementioned people (singers, athletes, instrumentalists) move large amounts of air in and out with little energy. It's a unique workout for your lungs and diaphragm. Although devices are helpful for training, we all need to learn how to breathe properly on a permanent basis. There are a number of self-directed exercises that can help you retrain yourself to breathe properly.

Train Your Breath

There are other breathing exercises one can incorporate to supplement his training. For instance, try holding your breath when your nasal passages and throat are fully open. This exercise helps train a person to deal with large amounts of air in the lungs without shutting the glottis. This exercise is great for singers and instrumentalists. This exercise also helps people deal with tension in the throat and neck area.

Diaphragm and abdominal breathing is essential for athletes, singers and instrumentalists. A friend of mine was the lead in a Broadway musical for three years. He performed seven times a week for two years. He was able to perform impeccably every night because his voice was trained. The biggest piece of his voice training involved training his breath. He could belt out beautiful songs with little effort and repeat with perfection every night. Breathing techniques can help singers like him, as well as anyone wishing to live a healthier life.

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