Written by Stacy Chbosky
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It's natural and normal for the cells of the body to divide, in order for the body to grow and regenerate. When the cells divide with abnormal speed, however, the result is a cluster of cancerous cells, known as a tumor. Eventually, if left unchecked, cancer can metastasize, or spread. It can spread from one organ, such as the skin, to other organs, such as the lungs or brain, via the lymphatic system or the blood. Maintaining proper health is essential to lowering one's risk of cancer. Supplements and immune system boosters (look for glutathione enhancers especially) can be good preventative measures.

Early Detection of Cancer

Early detection is a blessing for people with cancer. The earlier it can be detected, the better the person's chances of survival, and the less traumatic their therapies will be. For instance, detecting breast cancer early can mean the difference between a lumpectomy or a full mastectomy. Both are cancer therapies, but one is more extreme and generally more traumatic than the other.

The same is true for testicular cancer. Finding testicular cancer early can mean the difference between having a testicle removed and then getting on again with life, or having a testicle removed and then undergoing difficult radiation treatments. Many forms of cancer can be detected with regular monthly or yearly exams, many of which can be self-administered.

For instance, women should be tested every year for cervical cancer, by going to their doctor and having a pap smear taken. Women should check their breasts once a month for unusual lumps or discharge which may signal breast cancer. Young men should regularly check for testicular cancer, and older men should check for prostate and colon cancer.

People with cancer should also begin taking supplements to improve the health of their immune systems. Much evidence points to the powerful impact glutathione levels can have on the health of a person with cancer. Glutathione is a tripeptide that naturally occurs in every cell of the human body. In those who are sick, glutathione levels tend to be low. Oral glutathione supplements are not effective, because glutathione is digested and broken down in the stomach, meaning very little actually reaches the bloodstream. It's important to take a precursor or building block of glutathione, and the most important of these is cysteine. Cysteine is best supplied by bioactive undenatured whey proteins. People with cancer may benefit from undenatured whey proteins that raise their glutathione back up to a normal, healthy level.

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