Dietary Supplements

Written by Michael Federico
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Dietary supplements have fallen under close scrutiny in the past few years. Certain products were not as healthy as manufacturers were leading people to believe. Also, certain potential side effects went ignored. These problems arose mainly in dietary supplements that were processed, as opposed to those that actually occur in nature.

There are natural dietary supplements that can make up for a person's lack of healthy eating. That is not to say that someone should simply commit to fast food and rely on other products to take care of oneself, but dietary supplements provide nutrients that even the healthiest eaters miss out on. Some natural alternatives can even help those who suffer from chronic muscle pain, or even arthritic conditions.

Available Dietary Supplements

There are far too many dietary supplements to list. On top of that, new ones are surfacing all the time. The most popular are still the basic vitamin supplements. Many people take vitamins C, A, and E on a daily basis. Calcium supplements are also common, especially among women. People take all of these for different reasons. Generally, they feel as though they are actively improving their health. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Beta 1, 3-D glucan is an immune builder. Its effects have been thoroughly studied, and it has been shown that beta glucan can, in fact, help one maintain a healthier lifestyle. These dietary supplements prepare the body to do battle against disease carrying bacteria. Beta glucan is stronger than vitamin C, and its benefits are wider ranging.

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