Herbal Dietary Supplement

Written by Jill Morrison
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For those seeking better health, an herbal dietary supplement is often used. In addition to vitamins and minerals, herbal supplements are very popular and are believed to improve health in many ways. Herbs are concentrated into beneficial amounts and sold in pill, powder, and liquid form. As with vitamins and minerals, some research must be done as to which herbal supplements have an effect on which symptoms.

Benefits of Herbal Dietary Supplements

Herbal remedies are becoming more popular. Most herbal supplements have great antioxidant powers to boost the immune system and ward off infections. Echinacea is often used to prevent colds. Pau D'Arco and Ginseng boost the immune system and increase energy. St. John's Wort decreases depression. Kava Kava and Valerian soothe the nervous system while Skullcap promotes sleep and calms nerves and muscles.

There are many more herbal dietary supplements which are beneficial. Dandelion nourishes the liver while Gotu Kola nourishes the brain and improves memory. Garlic is used by many for its antibiotic and fungicide properties. Saw Palmetto nourishes glands, including the prostate gland. Use of herbal remedies is becoming common.

Drinks are a popular way to ingest an herbal dietary supplement. Seasilver is a juice drink with Vloe Vera and Pau D'Arco, vitamins and minerals. It strengthens the immune system and boosts energy. Also very popular today are herbal teas. Green tea and black tea have strong antioxidant properties and are believed to reduce cancer risk.

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