Hms 90

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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After two decades of research and after spending millions of dollars, scientists were able to create a supplement which dramatically boosts the immune system. Some know the product by the name, Immunocal, and others know it as Immunocal/HMS 90. The term HMS stands for Humanized Milk Serum, and the number 90 refers to the amount of cystine in the product.

Glutathione, Cystine and Your Immune System

Glutathione naturally occurs in your cells. When you are healthy, your glutathione levels are healthy. When you are sick, they tend to be low. People with compromised immune systems often have low glutathione levels. To increase levels of this important anti-oxidant in your body, you can't simply take glutathione in a pill form.

Rather than taking glutathione itself, which does not work, you can take supplements that feed and nurture your naturally occurring glutathione. This does work. Three amino acids are necessary to keep your glutathione nourished. They are glutamate, glycine and, finally, cystine. Many people do not receive enough cystine in their diets. Cystine occurs in foods like eggs and milk, but the process of preparing these foods, such as cooking the eggs and processing the milk, turns the cystine into cysteine.

Cysteine is valuable to your body on many levels. However, it does not nourish your glutathione levels the way cystine does. Immunocal/HMS 90 is an effective product that delivers vital cystine to the body, thereby raising glutathione levels, and bolstering the entire immune system. This is fabulous news for people who suffer disorders of the immune system, like chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease, and so on.

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