Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Staying healthy is difficult enough without stacking the cards against yourself. One way in which people stack the cards is by carrying too much weight. Being overweight is a serious problem. If you're just 10 or 15 pounds overweight, your heaviness is probably more of a cosmetic issue than a medical one. For people who are seriously overweight or obese, however, extra weight is a real danger.

Dealing with Weight

The smartest way to lose weight is to go about it sensibly. You need to jump start your weight loss, but you also need to create new habits which can be maintained. Eating 10 grapefruits a day may help you lose weight, but there's absolutely no way you are going to be able to sustain it. Forget about fad diets, and concentrate instead on the basics.

The basics are good nutrition, portion control, moderate exercise, and support. Good nutrition is simple. If you eat five fruits and vegetables a day, you won't have as much room left over for cheeseburgers, cake and soda. You'll be filling your body up with stuff it can actually use, rather than fatty junk.

Portion control is essential, but can be difficult at first. Support can help you control your portions more sensibly. Products like Isagenix, which naturally help suppress the appetite while burning fat, can help. In addition to supplement support, you may want to seek out human support. Many people join dieting support groups to help them stay true to their health goals.

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