Meditation Cd

Written by Linda Alexander
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A meditation CD is one method of teaching yourself how to meditate. Once you learn the techniques, your meditation CD can also be instrumental in your meditation practice. Listen to relaxation CDs whenever you need to sit for meditation, or have an imagery session, or simply use it as background music when you want to have a relaxing day.

Meditation CD: One Method of Meditating

Of course, you don't need music to meditate. You can sit in silence, or repeat a mantra out loud or in your head. Some people use a mandala to meditate. In Tibetan Buddhism, this is a two-dimensional diagram that you concentrate on while in the meditative state.

You can also use a meditation CD while doing other relaxing exercises. For instance, you can keep it on in the background while receiving a massage or taking a long, relaxing bath. Use it while watching candlelight or sitting in front of the fireplace. You can also use it during your yoga practice to help you unwind and stretch your muscles better before you meditate.

Some meditation CDs are just made of relaxing music that helps your mind focus. Others are guided meditations spoken by someone with a soothing voice, taking you through an entire meditation session. Whichever CDs you decide to use, make sure they work for you. There are so many to choose from, that if you don't like one, just try another until you find several that are useful to you

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