Migraine Relief

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Migraines are the most debilitating kind of headaches, and their symptoms are quite severe. Intense head pain, accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sounds are the most common effects. Migraines are caused by a vascular disorder, and attacks are usually triggered by stress, hunger, or flashing lights. Most people cannot function when suffering from a migraine, and there are a number of drugs on the market aimed at treating these intense headaches.

Stop Your Migraines

There are no less than a dozen pharmaceutical drugs aimed at migraine relief, and these vary in function. Some focus on preventing attacks, others on stopping them once they have started. No medication completely relieves migraines, but proper treatment can reduce frequency and strength of headaches. For most sufferers, this partial relief is most appreciated.

Many people have specific triggers for their migraines, and can tailor their lifestyle to avoid these. Even if triggers cannot be avoided entirely, keeping track of causes can help you work around them. If you have just started to get headaches recently, you might want to keep a journal. Keep note of every day's weather, moods, and activities--whether or not you get a migraine. Soon enough, you may be able to identify your triggers.

In addition to the variety of medications available for people with migraines, there are a few herbal remedies. Most herbal teas that soothe headaches aren't strong enough to fight a migraine, but the herb feverfew is reputed to be a strong herb. Taking this herb in combination with a careful lifestyle can help minimize the time you spend under the influence of a migraine. Maintaining a diversified diet, even if supplements are needed to do so, can dramatically improve one's overall health.

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