Mineral Supplement

Written by Jill Morrison
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The health of many people can be positively affected by a mineral supplement. Certain symptoms can be alleviated by use of the correct mineral. Some care needs to be taken to assure that maximum doses are not exceeded. But the health benefits of minerals are abundant and should be investigated by those seeking to improve health.

Facts about Mineral Supplements

Minerals are more complicated than vitamins and there are more of them. They are found in the soil and get into plants only if they are present where the plants are growing. If minerals are lacking in food, a mineral supplement can be beneficial. Different minerals play different roles in improving overall health.

Selenium helps control infections and improves resistance to infections. Zinc is good for arthritis, skin, and vision. Potassium helps with heart health, muscles, and cell function. Calcium is needed for bone and heart health and lowers blood pressure. Magnesium helps control diabetes, stroke, and PMS.

Mineral supplements are often combined with vitamins and other substances to correct many deficiencies. For example, Seasilver combines vitamins and minerals with whole food substances, Aloe Vera, and herbs in a fruit juice blend. It helps to stimulate the immune system, provide energy, and fight cancer and other diseases. Minerals are found in many supplements and provide relief of symptoms for many people.

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