Natural Cures And Remedies

Written by Jared Vincenti
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With the cost of medication drugs on the rise, many people are starting to re-think their approaches to their health. To add to that, more and more studies looking at the risks of many pharmaceuticals are concluding that drugs are more addictive than we thought. As a result, a growing number of Americans look to alternative medicines. While many people scoff at herbal and natural healing, there are enough success stories that many people are willing to give it a shot.

Problems with Modern Medicine

One of the biggest problems with Western medicine today is that it addresses only the symptoms of a disease, but not the causes. If you suffer from pain-related ailments like arthritis or migraines, your doctor will give you painkillers so that you cannot feel the pain. That doesn't mean that your problem has gone away--it just means that you don't know it's there.

This approach is a problem, mostly because you remain sick without getting rid of the root of the problem. This doesn't worry most drug companies, though, because it keeps you tied to their products. You're going to keep taking painkillers so long as you have a headache, and keep paying for those painkillers. The system is not going to change any time soon, because there is a lot of money to made in the field of health care.

Living Healthier

Most of the time, people report major improvements in their standard of living by changing their lifestyles. American diets are notoriously unhealthy, and Americans are among the least active people on the planet. By eating healthier and exercising regularly, many people are able to reduce the effects of depression, anxiety, and even stress-related illnesses.

By getting a wide range of vitamins and minerals in your diet, mostly by eating enough fruits and vegetables, you can increase your energy and boost your immune system. In addition, many newer diets are suggesting that refined sugars and bleached flour contribute to weight problems and other ailments. By taking a renewed and healthier approach to life, you can get a step up on your health without touching a pill.

Nutritional Supplements

In addition to eating better and getting more exercise, you can improve your health even more by taking nutritional supplements. Some of these are just additional vitamins and minerals that you also get in your diet. In general, it doesn't hurt to have too many vitamins, as most are water soluble--your body just gets rid of whatever you don't need. Be sure to check your bottle labels to prevent taking too many, though, as some can have negative effects when taken in excess.

Many companies are dedicating themselves to your health and producing pre-blended vitamin and mineral supplements. These are tailored to different lifestyles, acknowledging that everyone has different needs. By getting a pre-blended supplement, you can be sure to get what's right for you, and in the right doses.

By living healthier, and keeping your body well-supplied with the nutrients it needs, you can avoid many of the health problems that plague Americans. In addition, herbal supplements can help treat more serious conditions and are a good alternative or supplement to Western medicine. At the very least, keeping your body fit and your immune system strong should help prevent other sicknesses, and improve your mood and quality of life.

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