Natural Cures For Insomnia

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Insomnia is a condition characterized by the inability to fall asleep. With a lack of restful sleep, the sufferer starts to become depressed, distracted, and may find himself getting sick more easily. There are other sleep-disorders, though, that are just as deleterious--but aren't technically insomnia. Some people have difficulty falling into a deep sleep, and awake after eight hours of sleep feeling unrested.

What to Do If You Have Insomnia

The obvious solution to insomnia is to get a good night's sleep. Many times, getting on a set schedule can help insomniacs, but this is not always a sure solution. A large number of people with insomnia will self-medicate with sleep pills, alcohol, or other sedatives. Most sleep aids are chemicals that mimic your brain's signals as it falls asleep, while others are just depressants that make you drowsy.

This is a risky practice, though, as it is incredibly easy to become dependent on a "nightcap." The problem of insomnia is simply replaced by the problem of addiction, for it becomes impossible to fall asleep without your drug of choice. Many people go through bouts of insomnia in their lives, and emerge without any dependencies. The key is to find a natural way to put yourself to sleep.

Insomniacs often claim that exercise helps them fall asleep, as the body is more tired and wants to go to sleep. Teas of chamomile or lemon balm are natural cures for insomnia, as they help you relax. Instead of knocking you out as most sleeping medications do, chamomile teas are soothing, and will help you to sleep gently.

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