Natural Cures For Obesity

Written by Jared Vincenti
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In the last few decades, America has seen an epidemic of obesity. While medical obesity is defined as having a body-mass index greater than 25(kilograms per square meter), many more people are overweight. Obesity itself is not a life-threatening condition, but it is associated with dozens of medical conditions such as diabetes, gout, hypertension, stroke, some cancers, asthma, infertility, hernias, and depression.

Managing Your Weight the Healthy Way

There is no instant cure for obesity. The condition is a result of years of poor diet choices, coupled with genetic and environmental factors--so it will also recede slowly, not overnight. Cosmetic surgery has introduced us to options such as liposuction and stomach bypass which can make us thin overnight. However, these processes are not without risks, and most people can lose weight without surgery.

The most important factors in healthy weight loss are diet and exercise. Doctors recommend that overweight individuals eat diets that are sparing in terms of carbohydrates and fats, and that regular exercise is crucial to weight loss. While the first steps are the hardest, many people find that once they start to lose weight, they feel good and stick to their new routines to keep losing weight.

Many diet plans also incorporate natural supplements. Vitamins are crucial during a weight loss regime, as they influence a body's ability to properly metabolize food. Some people elect to take herbal appetite suppressants on top of their vitamins. However, the most popular herbal appetite suppressant, Ephedra, was taken off the market by the FDA in December 2003. Today, Ephedra has been replaced by products that promote overall health, as well as weight loss.

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