Natural Cures For Sinusitis

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Often confused for the common cold, sinusitis is a more specific malady than the run-down feeling of a general infection. Also called a sinus infection, sinusitis is a condition in which the mucous membranes of the sinuses are swollen in response to a localized infection. This results in a plugged nose and a headache located right above the nose. The telltale sign of sinusitis is having a headache when you wake up in the morning, accompanied by a runny nose.

Ways to Treat Sinusitis

Most people mistake sinusitis for a common cold, and will take a pseudoephedrine in hopes of clearing a plugged-up nose. These drugs provide some temporary relief, but don't help at all in the long run. In addition, pseudoephedrines can cause sleeplessness, which just makes the situation worse. Most doctors prescribe antibiotics for people with sinusitis.

If you want to avoid antibiotics, it's not that hard--most doctors agree that most cases of sinusitis can be cured without them. However, this takes a little longer and requires some sleep. Your body is well-equipped to deal with the pathogens that cause sinusitis, given the time it needs. However, people with asthma are best-advised to take antibiotics in the case of sinusitis, since asthma is made much worse by having clogged airways.

There are some herbal remedies to sinusitis, to help you along. Teas made of pungent herb such as elder, goldenrod, and eyebright can help open up the sinuses. In addition, vapors of eucalyptus are very soothing and helpful when fighting a sinus infection. Some people have even found relief from their sinuses simply by adding a nutritional supplement to their daily routine.

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