Nutritional Supplements For Dogs

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When considering a healthy diet, many loving dog owners look to their animal companions and wonder about their nutrition. This is a valid concern--after all, how healthy do you think you'd be if you just ate a can of meaty glop once a day? Many dry pet foods contain vitamin additives to nourish the animal, but this is not always enough.

What You Can Do for Your Dog

The first thing to be sure to do is to introduce some variety into your dog's diet. Change up the brands and flavors of dog food, so that any shortcomings in one variety are made up for in the other brand. Also, you can give your dog a variety of dietary supplements to keep him healthy.

Nutritional supplements for dogs aren't as laughable as some might think. In many ways, we neglect our pet's diets even more than we neglect our own--but this neglect can be made up for with proper supplementation. A dog's nutritional requirements are remarkably similar to to a human's, but there are enough differences that you can't just give your pooch one of your vitamins.

The most common nutritional supplement to give a dog is calcium. Calcium promotes healthy bones and teeth, and a dog that gets enough calcium as a puppy will have less problems later in life. As a dog ages, though, its digestive system starts to weaken. Oftentimes, vets recommend easily-digested dry dog foods for older pets. In addition, there are several supplements that contain enzymes that help your old friend enjoy his dinner.

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