Oat Beta Glucan

Written by Michael Federico
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Oat beta glucan has been the subject of several studies in the last several years. It is believed by many that soluble fiber, particularly oat gum, can be effective in fighting a variety of health problems. The most positive development of these tests occurred when oat beta glucan was found to reduce blood cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic subjects.

Results have been so positive surrounding oat beta glucan, that it has been looked at for use in the treatment of SARS. Along with the effects it has on the blood, it can also function positively in the immune system. It serves as an immune potentiator, stimulating macrophages. Like other supplements of this nature, it can greatly increase the body's resistance to infection.

Buying Oat Beta Glucan Supplements

Nutrition oriented websites have done there best to make the health store obsolete. Knowing that many people still prefer to get out and see a product in person, these sites have tried to make the online shopping experience even more informative than one that takes place in the mall. Products and their properties are described in detail. There are both expert and customer accounts of their experience with a particular supplements. Many sites also provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, while providing a customer with the chance to email any questions that weren't covered.

Whether purchasing oat beta glucan online or off a shelf, it is important to research each specific product. Even though different manufacturers may appear to be marketing the same exact product, it does not always work out that way. Like with most consumer goods, some companies just do it better than others.

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