Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Fat is not necessarily a bad thing. The body stores fat for its own survival. Like a camel that stores water in order to endure weeks in the desert, our bodies store fat in order to deal with periods of famine. Unfortunately, the evolution of our bodies has not caught up with the evolution of society. Most Americans no longer endure periods of famine. Yet their bodies greedily hold onto fat as though they did.

Losing Weight

There are two methods for losing weight. One involves burning off weight, or fat, that you have already acquired. The second method involves avoiding the addition of more weight. Aerobic exercise helps you achieve the first goal. Portion control helps you achieve the second.

Diet drugs are a controversial subject. After disasters like Phen-Fen, many people have come to associate weight loss supplements with recklessness and physical danger. This doesn't have to be the case. Some diet supplements are totally natural, perfectly healthy, and truly effective. The best of these help burn fat, while encouraging portion control through suppressing the appetite.

Prycena is a very interesting, very powerful diet supplement that helps people achieve both goals. It is also perfectly safe. The basic ingredient in Prycena is calcium. Many people associate dairy products with weight gain--thank you, butter--but this is misleading. The calcium found in milk actually helps our bodies to burn fat. Prycena combines calcium with two micro-peptides that help burn fat and curb hunger.

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