Respiratory News

Written by James Lyons
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The quality of your respiration affects the quality and length of your life. That's a fact. Heart problems, strokes, asthma, and even cancer are tied to your breath. Here's a piece of respiratory news--most people in the United States don't breathe properly. They were taught at an early age to suck in their stomachs and breathe with their chests.

It's not a mystery why so many millions of people in the most advanced society in the world suffer from asthma and other respiratory ailments. We simply don't know how to breathe. Many of us might get a piece of advice or take a meditation class and end the training there. We go back to our habits. If you want to live a long, healthy, active life, you have to create a breathing program that extends beyond your classroom or living room.

Age Is a State of Mind

Too many people pay attention to their chronological age rather than their biological age. Have you ever heard the expression, "Age is a state of mind?" It is a state of mind if your mind convinces you to pay attention to your breath. Physically active 50-year-old men can often function more freely than 35-year-old men. According to the calendar, they might be 50, but according to their bodies, they are much younger.

The average person's vital capacity decreases between nine and 27 percent every decade after the age of 25. Recent clinical studies show that vital capacity can predict a person's life span. Given that piece of respiratory news, it's probably a good idea to see what you can do to boost your respiratory capacity and prevent its decline as you get chronologically older.

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