Respiratory Products

Written by James Lyons
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There are some respiratory products out on the market that will help you improve your breathing. Clinical studies indicate that your life span is firmly tied to your breathing. In fact, the average human being reaches his peak respiratory function and lung capacity by the age of 25. Most people don't know this so they go the rest of their lives enduring diminished lung capacity and overall respiratory function.

The average person loses between nine percent and 27 percent of his respiratory aptitude every single decade. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is for many senior citizens to regain their breath when they do something remotely active? Yet other senior citizens are able to dance and play sports into their mid-nineties. The latter group either consciously or unconsciously trained themselves to breathe properly.

Products for the Fiscally Responsible

Most of us can't afford to see a breathing specialist and many of us don't have the time or money to take yoga classes or meditation classes. Fortunately there are some respiratory products on the market that we can use. There are some videos and DVDs that explain and explore the fundamentals of breathing and developing effective breathing techniques. Many of these same videos and DVDs can also be found on CD and audiotape.

There are some great tapes and CDs that have specific breathing exercises set to relaxing music. I have a few of these tapes that I keep in my car for those days when I'm stuck in traffic. If you live in southern California or any big city, I strongly suggest getting one of these tapes for you car. While you relax peacefully in traffic, you can laugh at all those people banging their steering wheels and yelling into their cell phones.

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