Sports Supplements

Written by Michael Federico
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Sports supplements have been all over the news in the past year. Former cyclists and current home run kings seem to be undergoing constant allegations that they used illegal sports supplements to gain an edge on the competition. Amidst all of this controversy, it has been forgotten that there are natural sports supplements that can enhance the body's condition without jeopardizing the user's health.

BetaXanthin, a combination of Beta 1, 3-D and astaxanthin, has helped bodybuilders, swimmers, runners, and other athletes stay in top physical shape. Many sports supplements guarantee added muscle mass or increased speed, but simply do not deliver. BetaXanthin serves as an extremely potent immune system potentiator. By keeping the body in a ready state to fight disease, it decreases fatigue and allows athletes to push themselves farther.

Finding Healthy Sports Supplements

Whether one thinks certain records should stand if a player took illegal sports supplements is a debate that rages among fans. It is not debated, however, that many of the sports supplements on the market are ineffective, or worse, extremely unhealthy. It is important that those who are interested in these products find a manufacturer that tests their supplements, and has an independent source's verification of those results.

While nutrition stores can be found a few yards away from most mall food courts, they are not necessarily the best places to buy sports supplements. There are sites on the Internet that seem to be far more concerned with health than many storefront retailers. Prices on these websites are comparable to those of the stores, and often, the online companies will carry products that cannot be found elsewhere.

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