Stop Receding Gums

Written by Christa Gatewood
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If your gums are receding, the most important thing to do is to stop the recession. While it may not be possible for everyone to reverse the recession of their gums, most people should be able to at least stop their gums from receding any further. In order to do this, you first have to identify the cause of the gum recession.

The Two Main Reasons for Receding Gums

There are two main reasons for gum recession. First, some people brush their teeth too hard and/or brush with a toothbrush that has bristles that are too hard. Brushing incorrectly over a period of months or years can lead to gum recession. This is a common problem because people feel like the harder they brush, the cleaner their teeth will get. The truth is that proper brushing only requires moderate pressure and good circular technique. Everyone should also use a toothbrush that has soft to medium bristles. The hard bristled brushes are too harsh on the gums.

The second cause of gum recession is gum disease. If gum disease has progressed to the point where gums are receding, that is a sign that periodontitis has formed. Periodontitis is a serious form of gum disease that can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Treatment should begin immediately if you have periodontitis.

The first step to treating periodontitis is to visit a dentist or periodontist. A dental professional can determine how severe the disease is and what the appropriate course of action will be. You will definitely have to improve your personal oral care in order to stop the progression of gum recession, but a dentist will determine if further treatment will be necessary.

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