Stress Management Holistic Doctor In New York

Written by Linda Alexander
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With all the stress in your life, you have decided to find a stress management holistic doctor in New York. New York is a great place to start, given its high population, mix of cultures, and relatively higher concentration of holistic practitioners. Whether you're in the city, upstate, or in New Jersey, with a little research you will locate the right holistic doctor to help you.

Decide which type of treatment you need from your stress management holistic doctor in New York. The city offers all types, from energy healers, to structural healers, to those who use a mind/body approach. Then you can start asking family and friends for referrals. You would be surprised at how many people you know who are already seeing a holistic doctor for their stress-related ailments.

Find a Stress Management Holistic Doctor in New York

An initial consultation is very helpful if you can get one before a medical visit with your stress management holistic doctor in New York. Remember that New York is a busy place, so you may be charged for this visit, but it will still be worth it. You want a doctor with whom you feel comfortable, and with whom you can communicate easily. If you and your holistic practitioner are not on the same page, the very same mental and physical problems that cause your stress reactions may hinder your treatment.

Holistic doctors realize that the mind and body are connected. This is unlike Western medicine practitioners, who see the body as a separate "system" from the mind, much like an auto mechanic sees cars as a network of systems. Conventional medicine might also miss underlying disorders that are causing stress, and vice versa. A holistic practitioner takes both into account, and treats the patient as a whole person rather than just working on a particular system.

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