Weight Loss And Breathing

Written by James Lyons
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Did you know that weight loss and breathing are intertwined? A lack of oxygen and a low metabolism is a perfect recipe for adding pounds to your body. People who are overweight typically have restricted breathing. Restricted breathing leads to fatigue and fatigue is not what the body needs when it needs to lose weight. The body needs energy when it needs to lose weight.

Daily breathing routines, when coupled with a healthy diet, can actually help you lose weight. I also suggest light cardiovascular and resistance training if you want to shave off some pounds. Breathing exercises should not be used exclusively as a weight loss mechanism. While some do help the body lose weight, long-term weight loss requires a change in diet and exercise as well.

Breathing Aids in Weight Loss and Detoxification

Breathing is responsible for discharging about 70 percent of the body's waste products. Breathing rids the body of carbon dioxide. When most people think about ridding the body of waste products, they think of the obvious body functions--urination, sweat, and defecation. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of the body's toxins are dispelled through these bodily functions.

If you're not breathing effectively, your body is not properly ridding itself of toxins. These toxins are then relegated to other parts of your body like the liver and kidneys. These organs then have to put in extra work to detoxify the body. This requires oxygen. Now your body's organs are using up oxygen to rid itself of toxins that should have been taken care of through the breathing system. This chain of events can then lead to obesity.

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