Alternative Arthritis Medicines

Written by James Lyons
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Back in 1993, The New England Journal of Medicine published the results of a study conducted by David Eisenberg. This study sent shockwaves through the world of traditional medicine and added credence to the world of alternative medicine. The results of this study showed that one out of every three people in the United States was using some type of alternative medicine.

To make matters worse for the arena of traditional medicine, these people were spending in excess of $10 billion a year on alternative medicine. The popularity of alternative medicine has dramatically increased since the publication of this study. By 1998, half the people in the United States were using some form of alternative medicine. Moreover, a number of different health care plans began covering various forms of alternative medicine.

I Don't Have Time for the Pain

People have opted for alternative medicines to curtail the pain they endure every day. Pain is one of the biggest reasons people are buying alternative medicines. Conditions like arthritis continue to baffle researchers and scientists. Cures have been elusive so people are left with the pain. The drugs provided by the pharmacies don't always offer what arthritis sufferers need.

Consequently, they have turned to alternative arthritis medicines to alleviate their pain. It's the pain that prevents them from living normal lives and there are alternatives medicines that specifically address arthritis pain. According to recent research, as many as one out of three people with arthritis use some form of alternative arthritis medicine such as shark cartilage, magnet therapy, and emu oil. Sufferers claim these treatments have transformed their lives.

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