Arthritis Gloves

Written by James Lyons
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My grandmother used to wear arthritis gloves. One day a little kid asked my grandmother about her special gloves. He asked, "What kind of gloves are those?" My grandmother responded, "Well, these are arthritis gloves." The kid then asked, "What's arthritis?" My grandmother proceeded to tell the kid in the simplest possible language all about arthritis. Finally the kid asked, "Why would you want to wear gloves that give you arthritis?"

Arthritis gloves, in fact, help ease the pain and aching associated with arthritis. These gloves massage the hands and promote circulation. When worn at night, arthritis gloves often relieve throbbing, swelling, and tingling. Fortunately, this relatively new development in the fight against arthritis is affordable. You can find a decent pair of these gloves for under $15.

The Importance of Sleep

Unfortunately, in addition to the consistent discomfort and pain, arthritis sufferers often have a hard time achieving deep, restful sleep. They wake up in the middle of the night with pain and stiffness in their joints and try to maneuver their bodies into a comfortable position. Arthritis sufferers might wake several times in one night specifically because of the arthritis.

Sleep is the best way to repair the human body. When the body rests, the body heals. If you are unable to get good, quality sleep, you are hindering your body's healing mechanisms. Arthritis doesn't like sleep because good sleep affects its survival in the body. Arthritis gloves can be useful tools for those people who consistently wake in the middle of the night with pain in their fingers and wrist joints.

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