Natural Bursitis Remedies

Written by James Lyons
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Natural bursitis remedies are all over the place. You might even have some in your home and not realize it. Barley green, a common spice in many households, contains ant-inflammatory agents that can help your bursitis pain. Pineapple is also an excellent food to consume if you're suffering from arthritis or bursitis. Bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory agent, is prevalent in pineapple.

Rhus toxicodendron and Bryonia are two homeopathic drugs you can find in almost any health foods store. These two substances are known to curtail pain associated with joint disorders like bursitis and arthritis. Ice is another simple and natural bursitis remedy. The coldness of ice helps ease pain and reduce swelling. When applying ice to an injured joint, be sure to wrap the ice in a towel or plastic bag. You don't want to apply it directly to the skin.

Simple Natural Bursitis Remedies

Black cherries are rich in anti-inflammatory substances and black cherry juice is an age old remedy for bursitis, arthritis, and tendonitis. Massage therapy is also a great natural bursitis remedy, especially if you use emu oil or some other kind of massage oil. Emu oil has demonstrated some remarkable healing powers when used to fight bursitis and arthritis. You might want to combine that with a nice massage to the affected area.

Finally, rest is probably the most important, yet most overlooked, natural bursitis remedy. For those of you who live active lives, it's very difficult to accept rest as a treatment. To expedite the healing process, use any of the aforementioned substances. You might also use glucosamine, vitamin E, vitamin C, MSM, chondroitin sulfate, and/or collagen type II.

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