Arizona Department Of Health Services

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The Arizona Department of Health Services is available to aid people in finding housing for seniors. One of the biggest concerns in nursing home and assisted living situations are the sanitary and medical conditions. Numerous senior facilities have been exposed over the years for not providing healthy conditions for its residents. This is inexcusable and cannot be tolerated. Luckily, nursing home facilities that are sanctioned by the Arizona Department of Health Services are combating this problem, quickly making unsanitary, unsafe living conditions for seniors a thing of the past.

Arizona Department of Health Services: An Overview

The Arizona Department of Health Services covers many areas of public health and information. Anything from anti-smoking campaigns to disease control are handled by this organization. One of the chief responsibilities of the department is to expose and make people aware of any locations or conditions that are unhealthy for people.

This is good news for senior citizen communities and nursing homes. It's an unfortunate truth that many senior assistance organizations take advantage of the people they are supposed to be helping. Sometimes proper health and sanitary conditions are neglected by staff and management. The Arizona Department of Health is there to make sure such practices are not simply "swept under the rug."

The Department of Health Services rates restaurants for quality and shuts down those locations that do not provide sanitary enough conditions for their customers. The same should be true of nursing homes and elderly convalescent care facilities. No one should be forced to live in unhealthy conditions, especially in one's later years. Having a clean, healthy environment to live in is the right of all people, including the elderly and infirm.

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