Arizona Long Term Care System

Written by Michael O'Brien
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An Arizona long term care system offers extended support for seniors in assisted living situations. This is appropriate for many elderly individuals. It's not easy coming to the decision that your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather needs long term care. It can be painful and confusing. Know there is help available to you with an Arizona long term care system. Keep in mind at all times that you wish to do what's best for your loved one.

An Arizona Long Term Care System Helps Alzheimer's Sufferers

The Arizona long term care system is for seniors who suffer Alzheimer's or other debilitating diseases. Alzheimer's disease is a common form of dementia among seniors. This brain disorder affects a person's ability to function and carry out daily activities.

Causes of Alzheimer's disease are unknown for the most part, and unfortunately, at present there is no cure. Victims of Alzheimer's generally experience a slow progression into dementia. This begins with common forgetfulness. You may find your loved one asking a question that you just answered, then asking it again a few minutes later. Victims may repeat the same story they just told.

A Progressive Disease

As the disease progresses, people afflicted with Alzheimer's will forget how to perform common, everyday activities. These could include how to play games or use a toaster. They become easily lost, even in a familiar environment such as their home. They may neglect personal hygiene, simply forgetting to take a shower or brush their teeth. This may accompany other, more dangerous behaviors.

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