Assisted Living Placement Evaluator

Written by Michael O'Brien
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An Assisted living placement evaluator helps find the best senior care facility for loved ones. It's never easy to watch a parent or grandparent grow old. Growing old is also difficult on the person experiencing it too, don't forget. The reality is clear. Sometimes elderly people are simply unable to completely care for themselves.

Use of an Assisted Living Placement Evaluator

This is no longer cause for alarm. When looking for senior care facilities, people can now use an assisted living placement evaluator. It's a simple process wherein questions are answered about the needs of an elderly relative. This helps find the best match.

Evaluation Questions

Will the senior in question need full time care or only part time? How mobile is he or she? To what degree can they plan and prepare their own meals? Can they self-administer their medications? Do they communicate effectively? The assisted living placement evaluator will use the answers to these questions to help determine what type of services a loved one needs most.

Many people are able to live independently for most of their lives. As people near their 70s, there is a greater chance that they may need some help on a daily basis. This may be solved with part time in home care, a move to a senior apartment complex, or full time care in a senior living environment. It's vital to explore all options and find the best fit for a loved one.

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