Assisted Living With Registered Nurses

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Assisted living with registered nurses is a good idea for seniors who cannot manage daily activity independently. Many people, as they grow older, become unable to administer their own medications without help. Nurses can assist with this. Medical professionals are particularly necessary with helping diabetic patients who need insulin shots.

Assisted Living with Registered Nurses Is Helpful

Assisted living with registered nurses is a good compromise. Seniors enjoy independence but they are never too far away from licensed caregivers. This is important for seniors with serious health problems. Regular senior caregivers can certainly prepare meals and help with chores around the house, but registered nurses are able to accomplish much more.

Assisted living with registered nurses or without registered nurses is available. Not everyone needs the assistance of a registered nurse. This option is really reserved for patients with more serious ailments. Nurses are of vital importance in case the patient falls or has another type of accident. They can also see to it that a senior is eating right and taking all of the medication he or she is prescribed. This can be a particularly important area in which assistance is needed. Even the best of us often forget to eat right or take the medication prescribed to us by our doctors.

The Danger of Alzheimer's Disease

One common area of concern when it comes to the elderly is Alzheimer's disease. Those suffering from Alzheimer's will eventually need professional medical care. The disease begins slowly with mild memory problems and escalates to major brain damage. It currently affects four million Americans and was the cause of death of our beloved former President Ronald Reagan.

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