Nursing Home Alternatives

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Nursing home alternatives are becoming a much more preferable choice in caring for those in need. When an elderly person requires constant care and attention that a loved one can't provide, the most obvious answer is to place that person in a nursing home. This is fine for some individuals who are more independent and only need help with a few basic, everyday activities. For those who need more care, however, nursing home alternatives are available.

Some Nursing Home Alternatives to Consider

The problem with many nursing homes is that they often cannot provide constant care and attention to the tenants who live in them. Such facilities are often larger and cater to more people. In a situation like this, it is hard to keep track of everyone and make sure all the people are being properly cared for. Some people just need much more constant, individual attention.

Some nursing home alternatives include live in home care professionals who are hired to attend to the needs of an elderly individual. Such care can be as simple as daily check ins for an hour or two for individuals who are more independent. Fully residential nurses who are there all day and night to offer care are also very common.

Another alternative is in assisted living homes. Assisted living homes usually consist of a house where a smaller group of seniors reside in private rooms or with a roommate. This is a less expensive option than the live in nurse and the care is much more hands on and personal than in a nursing home. Since the place is an actual house, it also feels more comfortable and homey than a hospital like nursing home.

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